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  • Studio vs. Custom

    What kind of bride are you?

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    You are a Studio bride if you love...

    • planning your own wedding
    • online shopping
    • a variety of wedding planning and designing options
    • having a professional help you execute your unique wedding vision
    • making wedding traditions your own
    • creating a special event for your guests

    You are a Custom bride if love...

    • hiring professionals to handle all your wedding details. 
    • a quality and complete customer experience
    • setting your own trends
    • over the top, luxurious designs reflecting your style and taste
    • extremely creative wedding film productions incorporating your personality 
    • having a completely unique wedding experience for you and your guests
  • Who are we?

    DDE by Ayana is a full service event production company based in Jackson, MS. Using our expertise,we take all elements of your event such as your vision, budget, and personal taste to build a custom designed experience. Our primary goal is that you and your guests are left with captivating memories to be relived time and time again.

    What we do?

    Our services cover all of the following areas...

    • Floral Design and Wedding Decor
    • Full Service Planning and Coordination
    • High Quality Film Cinematography
    • Special Event Up-lighting

    How we do it?

    We know brides are not all the same. It is our love for brides that led us to create two pathways to create an awesome wedding experience.


    The Custom by DDE process

    1. Consultation
    2. Inspiration
    3. Demonstration
    4. Presentation






    The Studio by DDE process

    1. Shop, Shop, Shop
    2. Add items to your cart
    3. Checkout (Enjoy 3- 6 mo. plans)
    4. 30 min. phone consultation
    5. Setup, Delivery, Breakdown
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